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Today’s digital audiences have no shortage of options, so creating content they’ll choose to watch and share is our core mission at Freethink Creative. We’re a group of filmmakers, writers, designers and strategists who specialize in telling powerful stories and getting them in front of the right audiences. Using the same expertise that drives our editorial work at Freethink, we help clients tell stories that resonate with their audience and deliver a meaningful impact.

Our Services

  • StrategyCreative work is only as valuable as the strategy behind it. So that’s where we start, working with clients to understand their unique challenges and designing strategies that deliver meaningful results.

  • PromotionIf you want to start a fire, your have to light a spark. From targeted paid media to digital outreach and more, we build custom campaigns designed to get the right content in front of the right audience at the right time and deliver maximum impact.

  • ContentThe days of forcing audiences to watch (let’s face it) boring ads are over. That’s why we help clients create content that their audiences will choose to watch and share — content that is both authentic to their brand and authentically compelling.

  • MeasurementIt’s easy to tell yourself (and your clients) that your work is great. That’s why it’s so important to prove it. We test and measure performance throughout our campaigns, optimizing as we go and generating detailed reports for our clients.

Our Team

Our core team in New York and DC is joined by a growing network of directors, editors, composers, designers, journalists, developers and more all around the world. Together, we’re on a mission to build the kind of media company we all want to work for: curious, thoughtful and innovative.

Our Founders
Chandler Tuttle
Clay Broga
Dan Hayes
Kmele Foster
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